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We need your direct support to move THE PEARL OF WISDOM forward. So far the project is self-funded. Our preliminary test revealed that indirect financing (e.g. crowdfunding via 3rd-party platform) will not benefit us in all facets of film production promotion, budgeting, advertising, marketing, SEO ranking, social media, public relations, publicity, sales, etc... Contact us to find out more on how you can directly finance this project via innovative, real-world sales tactics called CAMA (collection account management agreement) a way to ensure transparency, accurate tracking and accounting. We are accepting all forms of finance (equity investment, MG/presales, production-service equity, product/logo placement, donations, grants, tax-incentives, petty cash, etc.).

If you are not in position to contribute, we totally get it. You can still help by sharing the project with your friends and family or on social media. Send a tweet or make the art poster and video go viral on Facebook and on Instagram. Thank you for making THE PEARL OF WISDOM a reality.